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alles is van de kringloop in Oss; blouse 01 = €3,95, blouse 02= €8,95, ketting 01 = €2,00, ketting 02 = €1,95 en de ring = €1,50.

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this isn't love
wauw ik hoorde haar voor het eerst zingen bij the voice uk, en zij kan zingen word je bang van. Dit is haar eigen nummer, het is echt prachtig. Nu weet ik wel zeker dat zij sowieso een kans hebber is om the voice uk te winnen. ik gun het haar tot nu toe het meeste. Maar wie weet komen er nog betere deelnemers dan haar (bijna onmogelijk). Maar je weet nooit niet. The voice uk is nou de eerste episode online. Met onder andere Jessie J en in de jury. Dus via youtube kan je alles vinden about the voice uk.

Little model
Kiernan Shipka by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine

One such young starlet featured is 10-year old Kiernan Shipka who you may recognize as little Sally Draper on Mad Men.

The photos are all lovely, black and white images. But looking at them, I feel strongly that a big part of what makes these images strong and beautiful and even with somewhat of an ethereal quality, is really the styling here and not necessarily the photography. Of course a lot goes into creating a beautiful portrait, and certainly how the photographer interacts with and views the subject is a part of it, but when it’s really stripped down and simple, gray backdrop and subject…no elaborate set decor, etc. the styling of the subject can make a huge difference. Would these photographs be less beautiful if you took away the couture? Not necessarily, but it does help to create a particular feel in the portraits.